Scars and how to treat them

Winter Newsletter 2023


Sending you the warmest seasons greetings, and a massive thank you for your custom this year. Winter is drawing in and Christmas is fast approaching why not invest in your health and that of a loved one, Gift vouchers are available to purchase or if you are stuck with what to ask for as a gift why not ask for vouchers for yourself, it will be an investment that can change your life for the better.


Have you ever thought about the impact of a scar has on your body, how it affects your movement, flexibility and pain. For me working through the body-wide fascia led me to consider how scars and adhesions affect the whole body and so I have competed the ‘Restore Scar Therapy Practitioner’ course.

Scars can be treated from 8 weeks once any scabs have come away, and the sooner the better to keep the flexibility, moisture barrier and prevent build up of longer term issues, but whatever age the scar it can be helped through scar therapy. Any scar can be treated from C- section to injuries, the key is to get it treated.

If you would like to have a free telephone consultation to ask how it can help call me on 07960 255831 or email

The advantages of Restore Scar therapy are:-

Release Tightness and Improve Appearance

Acombined approach of scar massage and home-care advice together with other tools will help improve the look and feel of tight scar tissue. Treatment can be beneficial on both new and old scars.

Reduce Sensitivity, Pain and Itching

Trapped nerves and irritated scar tissue can be a factor for prolonged discomfort. RESTORE scar massage and mobilisations can be applied to reduce pain. Stimulation of the area can normalise sensitivity, and use of scar creams, oils, silicone or gels can help itchy scars.

Help Restricted Mobility

RESTORE scar therapy can be applied to reduce tightness and sticking in scar tissue. By encouraging mobility between the layers of skin, fascia and muscle, range and ease of movement can improve.

Understand the Impact of Scar Tissue

Scars and adhesions may have a wider impact on mobility and movement through the fascial system, so you can have tailor-made treatments to address the cause – not the symptoms.

Stimulate and Boost Healing

You may be familiar with massaging healthy tissue, but what about scar tissue? Scar massage is commonly recommended by surgeons because it will promote optimum scar healing after surgery and may minimise longer term complications.

Support Emotional Wellbeing

Therapeutic and holistic, RESTORE scar massage is a powerful way to aid emotional recovery and help you accept your scars. Teaching you to care for your scar at home with simple self-scar massage is highly beneficial.

Scar therapy is gentle and light, it works deeply to affect change and can be easily incorporated into your daily routine. I have seen benefits in movement, appearance and acceptance of scars in the people I have treated so far. 

I look forward to seeing you soon to help you restore your body to total health

In the meantime, stay warm, stay well and keep moving.

Yours in health and healing


Integrated Myofascial Therapist

Restore scar therapy practitioner

07960 255831

Summer Newsletter August 2023


I am now qualified as an Integrated Myofascial Therapist 

Here is a link to the register:-

200 hours of study, 4 days of intensive in person training, 4 case studies and 1 dissertation and lots of practice I am pleased to announce I have gained lots of experience and new techniques to help you with reducing the symptoms of pain that occurs as a result of injury, trauma related, accidents, surgery or wear and tear. Or simple everyday stress! 

A recent testimony following surgery

“Trust is a big issue for me, I need not have worried, Deborah is respectful, sensitive, gentle, kind and very knowledgable in her practice.

After major surgery last year I was still struggling to walk any distance without paining using a wheel chair at times. In May 2023 I plucked up the courage to see Deborah and I haven’t looked back. After my first session the relief was amazing, the following week my walking had improved and I managed a forest walk, since then I have been walking daily, swimming and I know there is work to be done due to muscle wastage but I feel strong and confident in my walking. I have every confidence in Deborah’s practice and methods. Thank you. I refer her to all my friends as pocket rocket.” Mrs P.

Fascia a bodywide system

Advantages for you of working through the body wide fascial system  

Myofascial therapy is slower and sustained. Tightness and tension in the body following accidents, injury, surgery, emotional trauma or everyday stress has the potential to tell the brain stem via the nervous system that it has to work very hard to keep us safe, we often breathe more shallowly which can increase co2 levels resulting in an acidic blood PH and a denser fascial matrix. We may use sugar or alcohol or medication to escape and feel safe.The result can be symptoms like:-

  • Fatigue
  • Muscle ache
  • Shortness of breath
  • Inability to concentrate 
  • Insomnia 
  • Anxiety
  • Dizziness
  • Heart palpitations 
  • Pain, inflammation and eventually disease

Fascia is 10 times more sensitive than muscle tissue with approx 250 million nerve endings therefore the treatment is slower, sustained and works with the brain to “feel safe”, allows breathing patterns to be restored increasing oxygen, being heard and receiving therapeutic touch and can result in a reduction of symptoms, fascia becomes free.

Beautiful free fascial fibres

The superficial fascial layers are densely populated  with pain sensitive nerve endings which means the pressure during the treatment is quite light but sustained to allow the brain to respond to touch, it takes approximately 1 minute for the touch to be received, and responded to in the tissues hence Less is More is the approach. It is like melting an ice cube with your fingers, it is a two way interaction as you feedback what you feel and notice which helps with the treatment by supporting the body to change and brain to “perceive its new condition”.

And the bonus after having some sessions you can do self care at home to support the amazing work your  body has done. It is easy and effective. I can teach you fascial fitness no need to go to the gym!

Testimony from back pain relief

“I went to see Deborah after suffering months of back pain which no other professional had been able to relieve. After just one session, my pain eased and after a series of sessions I am now pain free. Deborah takes a fully holistic approach to pain relief, assessing what is actually the root of the pain before providing treatment.” Mrs S.

If you have any testimonies I would love to hear them, please google review and comment as well–EAg/review ,

Many of you talk to friends, family and colleagues about myofascial therapy and the change it has made to you and send referrals, a massive thank you.

If you would love to give your nearest and dearest an opportunity to experience Myofascial Therapy gift vouchers are available in single sessions or a series of 4-6 sessions, just give me a call and I will be happy to send you the voucher.

I look forward to seeing you soon

In health and healing


Deborah Donohoe

Integrated Myofascial Therapist

07960255 831

Autumn Newsletter October 2022 – The Marvel of Movement


My heartfelt thanks go out to all of you. This year has seen some incredible changes and challenges. Thank you for all your support, for your flexibility. I am truly grateful and honoured that I can support you physically, mentally and emotionally during these times. Thank you. Here is a testimony to encourage you that anything is possible……..

Deb was recommended to me by a friend as I was struggling with a leg injury from running. I was previously having sports massages in the hope this would help, after a few sessions I was still struggling with my running and the pain in my leg wasn’t getting any better and my running was turning into more of a walk. I had a half marathon booked in, my injury in turn put me behind with my training plan and I was considering pulling out of the half.

I booked a consultation with Deb as she was highly recommended, and I really wanted to get another perspective on my injury. After having a good discussion, I booked in for a session and knew this was the right step forward to getting myself back on track.

Deb made me feel at ease when I attended my first session and after working lots on my leg, we established that my right-hand side wasn’t in tune with my left-hand side, my muscles were tight, and I needed to get my mind, body, and soul to work together to enable my body to move all in align.

Four sessions later… the pain in my leg had eased so much, my running was improving, slow and steady, I was in a better frame of mind and back to my training plan for my half marathon! Deb said she would get me ready for this half and that I would run it, I still had doubts but continued with my exercises I was given to do at home and stopped putting so much pressure on myself.

Fast forward a few more weeks…. Bristol half marathon complete with my amazing friends!


Next step….a full marathon! I would never have got through that half marathon without Deb, I am continuing with my sessions as I need to keep on top of my injury to ensure I can keep on training.


The body is seen as a self-regulating dynamic biological organism we are moving away from seeing the body as a machine that never sleeps, eats or moves. Fascia particularly has over 3 billion nerves it perceives our world through dynamic load, movement and pressure on the muscles, ligaments and joints. It also is a chemical and thermo regulator. 

So what does all that mean I hear you ask…the good news is Fascia loves all type of movement, the more variety the better, movement allows the fluid to exchange oxygen and CO2, biochemical such as adrenalin and cortisol, and helps regulate the body’s temperature, blood pressure and chemicals. Another bit of good news you don’t have to run a half marathon!

The temptation during the colder months is to hunker down and not move until Spring this just sets stiffness and sluggishness during the cold months. Here are some movements to put into your day – stretch, reach, climb, crawl, do some bouncing or dancing, sing, hum or use a foam roller on specific parts of your body. All these can be done indoors and will help you feel full of vitality. Drink plenty of water and keep your sugars down, take deep diaphragm breaths, be aware of your thought patterns and remember all the little things add up to make one happy body.


Fascia is incredibly fascinating and only in the past 20 years has it been researched and methods designed to treat fascia. I am currently taking my certificate in MFR Myo Fascia Release so you might notice a few new things to help and support you. Please give me any feedback and testimonies, as this is very helpful to me. Thank you.

 I thought you might like to see what fascia looks like here is a little video If you would like to know more go to

Gift Ideas

Winston Churchill said” We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give”.  As Christmas is approaching and we are thinking about presents Gift vouchers are an amazing way to say thank you for caring and helping during this year so I am offering you a 10% discount for any voucher purchased during November.

I would also like to highlight a really useful Mini Hot water Bottle from Without Borders Studio brilliant for keeping warm but also small enough to use for helping with pain relief.

As we give gifts to our loved ones here please would you consider donating to my chosen charity “Hope for Tomorrow Global’ based in Burundi. Instead of sending Christmas cards I will be donating to this worthy cause. Two areas are Fund a Farmer feed a nation and Giving the Gift of Education. The charity supports hygiene training to help prevent Covid and to establish Foundations for Farming which teaches and sets up families to have a piece of land to farm giving them food both to eat and sell, which in turn enables families to pay for the children to go to school. If you would like to give a donation which I know will be extremely appreciated visit .

I look forward to seeing you soon

Sending you health, peace and joy 


Spring newsletter May 2022-How to bring back your resilience

Biodynamic fascia treatments for Long Covid, ME, chronic pain, trauma from injury and loss

Support Movement Structure

My heartfelt thanks go out to all of you, this year has seen some incredible changes and challenges, the trauma and shock of life during lockdown has become very evident as I have been working with clients suffering with Long Covid, ME, chronic pain and trauma from injury and loss. Clients and I have seen incredible life changing results.

Read on as to the how and why you should invest in yourself today and book some sessions.

Biodynamic fascia treatment is essential to our on-going resilience in the days ahead. As life is evermore challenging and changing.

Chronic disease, inflammation and pain are the body’s warning systems that something is out of balance the symptoms you may experience are:-

  • Fatigue
  • Muscle ache
  • Shortness of breath
  • Inability to concentrate
  • Insomnia
  • Anxiety
  • Dizziness
  • Heart palpitations
  • Pain

The reason this happens is the brain stems response via neuroception registered from the Golgi receptors in our fascia (connective tissue) to our surroundings, thought patterns, CO2   and viruses/ bacteria to name a few.

Our brain stem registers our safety we are either Safe or Not there is no in between, the body is programmed for survival. When we encounter unknown, unpredictable, unfamiliar situations like the covid pandemic, in order to keep us safe the brain sends messages to the body to slow down until it perceives we are safe again. Lack of safety results in the body experiencing the above symptoms.

These symptoms can continue until we interrupt these signals.

  • Working with the fascia, breath, movement and thought patterns brings this interrupt because fascia is 10 times more sensitive than muscle fibres
  • Superficial fascia is densely populated with pain sensitive nociceptors and free nerve endings so when safetouch is transmitted via the skin the brain sends signals that you are Safe and the brain and body calms bringing sleep, clarity and focus
  • The fascia in the neck triangle is directly connected to the Dura Matter (a lining) in the brain. When the diaphragm is not moving freely as a result of the shock pattern the shoulders, and neck area get stiff because of lack of movement and increased CO2 in the body as a result of shallow breathing. Working with breath and diaphragm release interrupts this pattern brining fresh oxygen to the fascia greater flexibility, deeper breathing and peace.
  • The fascia on the top of the head transmits mechanical stress from the rest of the body with prolonged strain the fascia becomes harder and thicker and stiffer. Fascia stretching and release is another interrupt and reverses the effects bringing smoothness of movement, resilience and freedom of pain.
  • The fascia system always wants to work the most efficiently and easiest way. If the body perceives what you are doing is hard the symptoms become worse because the brain registers it as unsafe and wants to get back into balance. True wellness in body, mind and emotions is SAFE and EASY. Working with the fascia brings you into awareness of when this is not the case and I will give you simple tools to bring an interrupt and reset that you can use at home at work, with the children, with anyone and anywhere.

I hope you have enjoyed this short dive into the life giving fascia system and look forward to hearing from you soon.

You can call, text or email for an initial consultation or advice 

07960 255 831

Hope is learning to live 

Yours in health


Autumn Newsletter – September 2021


We have made it into Autumn, a beautiful colourful month where we see the change of seasons very clearly. 

For me the location of work has changed due to unexpected closure of Lime Kiln I am now located at Basepoint Business Centre SN5 7EX, the support and structure remain the same with online and face to face sessions. The CNHC and CtHA are still recommending all close contact practitioners are to wear PPE and I want to thank you for all wearing masks and completing the covid declaration forms.

Fabulous fascia and why it matters 

Do you have stress, scarring, joint, ligament, tendon, muscle injury, trauma, fibromyalgia, long covid? To name a few.

The secret lies in the fascia, because the body is a complex biodynamic self regulating organism designed to heal itself when we support it to do so.

Let me explain – Fascia sits just below the skin and fatty layer and also wraps around every joint, ligament, tendon, organ and suspends them, allowing movement and structure at the same time.

Stress affects the tension level in throughout the whole body, have you ever noticed when stress is removed your body relaxes. This is because fascia behaves like a full balloon whilst the outer surface of the balloon continuously pulls the air molecules; inside the balloon the air molecules push against it from the inside. All the external forces are distributed throughout the entire balloon, unless we pop it with a pin!

So in the body an increase in tension levels from external stress, poor posture, scars, trauma from surgery or accidents, infection, or mind-sets can set up a pull or twist in the entire structure causing pain, fatigue, irritation, water retention and altered joint movement.

Fascia massage identifies where the “over tensed” areas are in the line of fascia for example working on a big toe may be felt as a release in the ankle, calf, knee, thigh, back, shoulder, neck, jaw and crown of the head. Yes we are that connected.

Movement is key in self-care as it helps to redistribute the tension, and in particular holding stretches for the count of 8 deep breaths allows the fascia to unwind and release the pressure in the entire structure. Every time you move your arm, your skin stretches, the cells extend and all the molecules that form the internal framework feel the pull.

This is necessary to send biochemical messages to the cells to tell them what to do ie, repair, secrete hormones or send protein messengers to build, recycle, kill off cells, the biochemical messengers actively turn on or off gene expression. 

This is happening when you receive a massage, the pulsation, the cross hand friction, the vibration and movement, the gentle holding is changing you from the inside out supporting the body and mind to relax, restore, repair and self regulate.

I will bring you more in future newsletters. But for now let me leave you with a great way to treat the whole body at home.

Grab a tennis ball and while you are seated, place one foot at a time over the tennis ball, feel the pressure just into the spongy layer of your foot. Start at your toes and roll slowly to your heal and back, repeat 8-10 times with deep breaths through your diaphragm. Then change over to the other foot. You can do this 2 -3 times a day and it will be putting all of this education into place. Enjoy.

Gift Vouchers 

I noticed the Christmas cards are beginning to creep into the shops and wanted to remind you gift vouchers make a personal and life changing gift, something that can support someone to heal, restore, relax and repair is worth investing in.

During the remainder of September and October Gift vouchers will come with a 10% discount – to get yours please contact me.

Supporting people In Burundi 

My chosen charity this year is Hope for Tomorrow Global brining hope, transforming lives and changing nations. Burundi is in the heart of Africa a, broken yet beautiful country, most people make a living through farming but this is often not enough to feed, clothe or provide education for children. Extreme poverty means life is difficult. Life expectancy is a mere 45 years!

Hope for Tomorrow Global works on the ground teaching farming methods to change the yield by growing appropriate crops, providing people a means to feed and educate their family. If you would like to donate or fund a farmer please go to

Thank you so much.

I look forward to seeing you soon 

Yours in healing


Spring Newsletter March 2021

Welcome to Spring 2021, the sun has been shining, the daffodils are delightful and the blossom blooming. This month holds several important dates, St David’s Day on 1st March, International Women’s Day on 8th March, Mothering Sunday 14th March, St Patrick’s Day 17th March and the Spring equinox on 20th March which means we are half way towards the longest day. These are days to dust off the trainers take time to walk and breathe the fresh Spring air.

Support – Women in our lives, be that Mothers or Mother in laws, Daughters Wives, Friends or Colleagues, are an incredible support network and have been vital in these days of lockdown. As a gift to you incredible Women I am offering a free 30 minute webinar on Monday March 15th at 12.30pm, you can bring another person who you would like to experience 30 minutes of self care in their busy schedule. Please email me to receive a link to the event.

Another way to thank the Women in your lives is through the giving of a gift voucher, this is the time to give and to receive.

Movement – Here is a simple stretch to warm up those legs and get moving. Firstly we need to oxygenate the body by taking deep breaths – Inhale deeply into your belly for the count of 4 then blow out through your mouth and nose for a count of 6. Repeat 8 times.

Full body stretch – Bend forwards gently to try and reach the floor, notice how far you reach. Then sit with one leg crossed over the knee of the other leg and work from the toes to the heel by massaging the foot using circular movements. If there are any tender spots press into the spongy layer and hold for 8 breaths. This can be repeated until the tender spot has lessened or gone. Then repeat on the other foot. Stand and bend forwards again notice how much further you can bend as the leg muscles are now more flexible and you are ready to ramble.

Structure – Many of you have heard me talk about Fascia, the silken stocking or soft skeleton of the body. It is an incredible structure made up of elastin to give it the stretch and collagen to give it the strength and known as a tensegrity structure.

It weaves through our entire body to give us support to our organs, glide and movement over our joints, Structure to our skeleton.

The fascia also needs care and attention – water for hydration to maintain its elasticity, long held stretches to unlock kinks, movement such as walking, dancing, cycling to encourage fluidity and movement of the structure.

Enjoying activities even changes the biochemical structure of fascia. During stressful times adrenaline is released into the blood stream ready for the fight, flight or freeze response and calcium is released to activate the nervous system response. When that event is over the body will recuperate and remove the biochemicals through rest or movement. when the stress is ongoing the bio chemical deposits can lodge in the fascia causing tender spots, stiffness, lack of glide over the joints and an inability to have a full range of movement over that joint leading to pain.

That is where I can help. Teaching you online to work out the tender areas, encouraging the long stretch and being accountable to remember to move. You have the power and ability to change your fascia structure!

Hands on work, all being well, can recommence on Monday 12th April and I am taking bookings now.

I look forward to seeing you all soon.

Yours in health


Winter Newsletter December 2020


My heartfelt thanks go out to all of you. This year has seen some incredible changes and challenges. Thank you for all your support, for your flexibility in adapting and changing often at the last minute. Thank you for being willing to engage with online sessions during lockdown and for embracing a new structure and location once we were allowed to resume face-to-face sessions. I am truly grateful and honoured that I can support you physically, mentally and emotionally during these times. Thank you.

Here is testimony to the value of support “ We moved ourselves just before lockdown 1. I worked to hard and gave myself repetitive strain injury and a trapped nerve in my right arm. Deborah was so supportive giving me self-help exercises and stretches and relaxing me through counselling and guided meditation. Once a hand on therapeutic treatment was permitted, my arm improved more over 3 treatments than over 4 months of rest. I am now almost back to normal at Christmas 2020. What a year!”


Movement has been key in both the lockdowns so here is a gift see you through Winter to stimulate those happiness chemicals. Enjoy!


During lockdown I was noticing how shock was appearing in a body pattern and you kindly helped me do some research by completing a survey. The results are in.

100% had noticed pain in the body since a shock event, 19% in the shoulder, 16.6% in the neck, 11% in the head and arm- this is the upper body pattern. In the lower body 11.9% lower back, 9.52% hip, 7.14% knee and 11.9% foot.

This shows there is an upper and lower body chain stemming from the shock that comes from contraction that has been trapped the diaphragm muscles, which are located mid torso. The treatment is to work with the piece of chain that is presenting to loosen the link and bring about flexibility, pain free movement and glide back in the joints that make up our structure. 


Winston Churchill said” We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give”. Gift vouchers are an amazing gift to give to someone you know and a great way to say thank you for caring and helping during this year so I am offering you a 10% discount for any voucher purchased during December and if you book 5 sessions receive 1 free.

As we support our loved ones here please would you consider donating to my chosen charity “Hope for Tomorrow Global’ based in Burundi. Two areas are Fund a Farmer feed a nation and Giving the Gift of Education. The charity supports hygiene training to help prevent Covid and to establish Foundations for Farming which teaches and sets up families to have a piece of land to farm, giving them food both to eat and sell, which in turn enables families to pay for the children to go to school. If you would like to give a gift please visit Thank you.

Sending you health, peace and joy at Christmas and into the New Year    


Summer Newsletter July 2020

Welcome to Summer,


I hope you are well and have kept healthy during lockdown.  During this time I have been working online with clients empowering self-care and resolving musculo – skeletal problems such as

  • Sciatica, headaches, low back pain, RSI, scar tissue adhesion, frozen shoulders, pelvic floor pain and shock, the testimonies are incredible and are on my website for you to see 

I will continue to work online until we can resume face-to-face treatment, if I can help you in any way please email or phone me 07960 255831.

In preparation for resuming face-to-face treatments the guidelines in accordance with the Complementary Therapists Association can be found at the corona virus page on my website 


I love giving gifts and as a special summer holiday treat I want to give you a gift. When you book 5 sessions in July and August you get one free – 6 for the price of 5.

Gift vouchers are an amazing gift to give to someone you know and a great way to say thank you for caring and helping during this time so I am offering you a 10% discount for any voucher purchased in July and will honour those for online or hands on sessions.

Please phone or email me

RESEARCH– I need your help please

During this time I have noticed how much shock is in people and how this was showing up in a body pattern. So I would like to do some research and I am asking the question,

Does shock show up in the body as a pattern and can we get the shock out by treating the pattern of muscles?I would really value your help. Please could you complete a 10-minute anonymous survey here by the end of August.


For many years I have supported the people in Burundi through ‘Hope for Tomorrow’ charity. At this crucial time with the Corona virus this charity is working to care for the most vulnerable and poor in this nation. If you would like to join me you can donate via the website . Thank you.

I look forward to hearing from you soon either online or face-to-face to book a session or take up the summer offers.

Yours In Health