13th April 2020

To all my highly valued clients and potential ones

Well we have navigated 3 weeks of lockdown and maybe all sorts of feelings and reactions have surfaced both within yourself and your families. For all of us there has been change and that can be a challenge. But in these times we need a constant, people we know and trust, people who can hold the space with us and to that end I am still working and still here for you, providing the space just for you.

Zoom,Skype and telephone calls have been hugely successful and clients have used this time for relaxation, for self care for pain due to headaches, RSI, arthritis, low back pain, sciatica etc or just to have space and time away from the family as someone independent to air concerns and anxiety or just to chat if they are alone.

Here are some testimonials from clients :-

” I was quite tense and feeling down when you called. Although in the current doom and gloom who isn’t! It was lovely to talk to someone who was interested in how I was feeling. I know what it means when people say it’s good to talk. I particularly loved the meditation session we went through and I have since been using your relaxation techniques when I feel the need. All in all it was a great help to finding a peaceful mind and relaxed body” Mrs C

“I found the guided relaxation over the phone deeply relaxing. The timing was just right to concentrate on each part of the body in turn. Afterwards I felt the anxiety I had been holding onto had released and that night had a deep and refreshing night sleep” Mrs M

“When Deborah suggested we keep in contact during my self isolation I wasn’t sure how it would work. However we did connect on the day and time we were due to have a therapy session. We chatted about how my family and I were coping with the lockdown and how the arthritis in my wrist was presenting. Deborah suggested she could show me how to effectively massage my own arm to relieve the pain and keep the wrist mobile, including warming up and cooling down exercises, she explained the technique and ensured I understood why and how it would help my problem whilst she was not able to carry out the therapy personally. Thank you Deborah for your care and patience” Mrs J ( IT administrator)

If you are encountering pain in a specific area I can help advise you with face to face instructional for self care, stretches and breath work. Going forward self care and self regulation will keep you going and get you through the weeks ahead, the sessions are for you whatever you need at the time.

Fear has been shown to stimulate adrenaline reaction and the biochemical debris can remain in the body causing a build up of residue resulting in changes to the strength of the immune system, mood and behaviour changes. During these times it is even more vital to keep our life flow and energy flowing freely. We can self care simply connecting and taking time out can discharge the biochemical debris and restore balance, equilibrium and life energy.

Interacting through Zoom, Skype or telephone call allows:-

A time for you to connect and recharge

Time to breathe deeply and relax to strengthen your immune system

Time to quieten down using guided relaxation

Time to talk through any concerns

To check in regarding posture and exercises

I look forward to connecting with you, in the meantime be safe and blessed with good health and well-being,

Yours in health


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