Scars and how to treat

Have you ever thought about the impact of a scar has on your body, how it affects your movement, flexibility and pain. For me working through the body-wide fascia led me to consider how scars and adhesions affect the whole body and so I have competed the ‘Restore Scar Therapy Practitioner’ course.

Scars can be treated from 8 weeks and the sooner the better to keep the flexibility and prevent build up of longer term issues, but whatever age the scar it can be helped through scar therapy. Any scar can be treated once the initial scabs have come away and there is evidence of pink healthy tissue which generally takes 18 months to change from an immature scar to a mature scar which is usually silvery in colour. Scars from surgery, injury, childbirth and accidents can be restored using this method.

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The advantages are:-

Release Tightness and Improve Appearance

Acombined approach of scar massage and home-care advice together with other tools will help improve the look and feel of tight scar tissue. Treatment can be beneficial on both new and old scars.

Reduce Sensitivity, Pain and Itching

Trapped nerves and irritated scar tissue can be a factor for prolonged discomfort. RESTORE scar massage and mobilisations can be applied to reduce pain. Stimulation of the area can normalise sensitivity, and use of scar creams, oils, silicone or gels can help itchy scars.

Help Restricted Mobility

RESTORE scar therapy can be applied to reduce tightness and sticking in scar tissue. By encouraging mobility between the layers of skin, fascia and muscle, range and ease of movement can improve.

Understand the Impact of Scar Tissue

Scars and adhesions may have a wider impact on mobility and movement through the fascial system, so you can have tailor-made treatments to address the cause – not the symptoms.

Stimulate and Boost Healing

You may be familiar with massaging healthy tissue, but what about scar tissue? Scar massage is commonly recommended by surgeons because it will promote optimum scar healing after surgery and may minimise longer term complications.

Support Emotional Wellbeing

Therapeutic and holistic, RESTORE scar massage is a powerful way to aid emotional recovery and help you accept your scars. Teaching you to care for your scar at home with simple self-scar massage is highly beneficial.

Scar therapy is gentle and light, it works deeply to affect change and can be easily incorporated into your daily routine. I have seen benefits in movement, appearance and acceptance of scars in the people I have treated so far.