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I went to see Deborah after suffering months of back pain which no other professional had been able to relieve. After just one session, my pain eased and after a series of sessions I am now pain free. Deborah takes a fully holistic approach to pain relief, assessing what is actually the root of the pain before providing treatment. Deborah is an absolutely wonderful person and has helped me achieve balance in my life both physically and mentally. I was able to let go of previous trauma both physically and mentally in a safe and protected manner with Deborah’s support and care. I am now in a position where both my body and mind is much stronger and in a position to lead a pain free and happier life. I cannot recommend Deborah highly enough. S- Solicitor

As an elite athlete we are often pushed towards ‘sports’ accredited physicians, instead of using other therapy/recovery outlets. Deborah’s holistic approach to injury allows for a reduction in symptoms and increased mobility from the very first session. Deborah places importance on not just treating the symptoms of the injury but on treating the root cause of the issue. As well as this Deborah has a vast knowledge of the body’s intricacies and its mobility patterns, which allows her to provide specific exercises/stretches to continue your recovery after the treatment. 

In a challenging environment such as COVID-19 Deborah manages to remain a positive and helpful person and followed all COVID-19 measures during the sessions. Deborah also always has time for her patients to ask any questions post session and is readily available for any follow ups via email/call etc. I would actively encourage anyone, not just those who are suffering pain or injury to book in and watch as your daily mobility and well-being improves. Andy Jones – Welsh International Badminton Player https://www.badminton.wales/blog/yonex-welsh-international-badminton-championships

“Deborah has a wonderfully intuitive response to dealing with the issue of pain in the body. Having experienced hands on massage with her, I was keen to find out how a virtual session would work especially as I’d had chronic pain in my shoulder over a few months. I was truly delighted to feel the positive effects of pain relief through the self- massage techniques she taught and the knowledge she imparted to explain this approach. More than this, Deborah has the ability to make a strong connection which allows you to relax and be aware of the origins of your pain whether emotionally, physically and spiritually. Life changing!”. L- Special Educational Needs Teacher

“Deborah had already done massages on me, so I knew she could help, even if at first I was surprised about the online sessions! We gradually went through every single trauma I had experienced in my life. Every time I felt a bit freer and I could see it was really dealt with, as my behaviour changed instantly! I have never come across such a powerful tool: it feels like starting a new life! I am a new person, inside and out. I am free and at peace. I cannot recommend it enough”. S – Language Teacher

“Deborah is absolutely amazing. I had my first proper massage done by her and felt light as air afterwards. When I needed her most I sadly want able to see her because of lockdown restrictions and my back had gone leaving me unable to bend forward more than 20 degrees. Luckily Deborah was able to work her magic through zoom by teaching me exercizes and stretches to ease the pain. She went above and beyond telling me what is going on in my body with fascia and how much our bodies are tied to out mind. I was able to get better with her help and know now that if my back goes again I can use the skills she taught me. Thank you Deborah.” R- Full Time Mum

“I am very happy with the treatment received from Deborah. I’ve had abdominal scars after having surgery 3 years ago and had adhesion pain constantly. After the first session with Deborah, the pain massively improved and a few more sessions cleared the long term pain and I no longer need painkillers. I would highly recommend a full body massage as well for relaxation.” S – Pharmacist

” I had several massages with Deborah in my late stages of pregnancy. She made sure I was relaxed and made sure the pressure was right for me. She was friendly but professional and helped  make those last few weeks bearable. I would certainly recommend her and use her again if I am so lucky to have another.” J – Teacher

“Deborah has been massaging me for many years now and have to say her “no hands massage” is amazing. Deborah ensures that by the time your massage has finished you are feeling exactly how you wanted to, whether it be relaxed, energised, grounded, you name it, she can deliver it. Deborah is superb at getting to the root of any issues your body may be feeling but you didn’t realise you had.  I wouldn’t go anywhere else for a massage now.” B – Driving Instructor  http://www.drivingmebananas.co.uk