The Journey

The Journey to Restoration

The journey is about building a safe, trusting environment between us, in which you can heal and restore.  I have experienced pain myself and have taken my own medicine using therapeutic massage to rebalance the muscle and skeletal system alongside exercise and maintaining an active and healthy lifestyle to remain pain free. As your journey starts  it looks something like this.

1. You are welcome to contact me by calling or texting 07960 255831 or email . I will reply within 24 hours maximum usually with a call so that I can ask you about the situation and to understand how best to help you.

We will mutually agree a time and date for you to have your first appointment or to book a series of appointments. I will do what I say I am going to do, being on time, reliable and flexible with appointment times.

2. If you need to change your appointment I will be as flexible as I can. If you need to cancel an appointment I require 24 hours notice please unless it is an emergency.

3. At the first meeting I will take a full health history, which is for me to establish a baseline and chart your progress. It is completely between you and me and without judgment. At each subsequent appointment I will check what has changed, how the pain has changed/decreased and you can ask for what you need from the treatment. It is a two-way communication and I want you to be part of the process of your healing.

4. Your information is safely and confidentially stored and all subsequent notes are written for me to check your progress and adjust your treatment plan to allow for changes in movement, posture and alignment.

5. We will respect each other’s boundaries, I will always explain what and why I am taking a particular path of action and I openly value you asking for clarity or information if you need to and I value your feedback in order to tailor make a treatment to treat your specific pain.

I will listen carefully to where you are experiencing pain, look at the movement associated with the pain and use my time, knowledge and expertise towards helping you on this journey to optimum performance and freedom.

6. The initial session will last approximately 1 & 1/2 hours with subsequent sessions between an hour and hour and a half depending on what you require. After your treatment I will ask you to have a short walk around so that you can feel and notice what has changed and begin to be aware of your own progress. Drinking water is a key part of rehydrating the tissues and I will offer you a glass to drink. I have found being active helps to keep the muscles and joints flexible and I will offer you some exercises to do between appointments.

7. We will arrange subsequent appointments should you need one. Pain is often described like an onion, there are multiple layers and sometimes it is necessary to keep going until the core of the pain is reached and the body lets go of it. It is a journey, in my experience if treatment is sought early it takes less time to resolve but with all things that need to change time is the key, each day putting in small changes to obtain optimum performance.

8. I am with you on this journey, so between appointments you are able to text, email or speak to me if you have any queries or need advice.