About Me

My name is Deborah  Donohoe, I am located in Swindon, Wiltshire . I started my career as a nurse and midwife giving me a great understanding of how the body works and how ill health and dis-ease affects our whole person, subsequently I have had twenty two years experience as an integrated myofascial therapist I use a range of techniques to address fascial tension, restrictions and scars which helps fascia reorganise and rebalance, reducing pain, helping the nervous system to calm down and reduce the inflammatory response, restoring physical and emotional health. Call me to discuss how I can support you on 07960255831 or email deborah@totalhealth4u.co.uk

My Mission

My mission is to use a range of techniques and provide self care advice, to allow you to lead your life to your full potential and optimum performance. To be alongside you on this journey as you travel from being bound by pain to freedom.

My Vision

A world where pain is shared, felt, released and change occurs to bring about lasting freedom.

Brene Brown in Braving the Wilderness says “High lonesome can be a beautiful and powerful place if we can own our pain and share it, instead of inflicting pain on others. And if we can find a way to feel hurt rather than spread hurt we can change”

The cause of Pain

Pain is the body yelling to get our attention, to something that is not in alignment, out of tune with itself, out of step and feeling not quite right, the body may not even look as it should out of connection with the rest of the body.

Pain is the mind telling us we are living in fear with sleepless nights, night terrors and dreams. Fear of what if’s, what if this pain never ends?

Pain is the heart longing to feel connected and accepted and loved. To give and receive love in return.

Pain is the spirit yearning to live in compassion, harmony and unity, embracing our differences with humility and grace

Pain does not have to be a way of life you can change and have freedom.

Pain can show itself to others when we hold our arm from a repetitive strain injury, a frozen shoulder, trapped nerve, an injury from sports or accident.

Sometimes the pain is internal and not always seen, back pain, neck ache, sore legs or feet. Pain can occur from birth trauma or pregnancy related due to altered posture and weight gain.

Pain is isolating, it can cause us to withdraw, to protect ourselves or sometimes crying out to others for help.

Imagine a beautiful garden, well watered and tended, flowers in vibrant colours, blooming throughout the year, season by season. But one day the watering system begins to fail, there is a kink in the hosepipe and gradually a certain place in the garden starts to be deprived of water. Initially the flowers that were so vibrant and strong start to wilt, and then fade, the soil becomes dry and eventually the part of the garden becomes a barren patch. Until the watering system is restored, the hosepipe un–kinked and water can run freely through again restoring the garden to its full potential.

Injury, accidents, trauma cause a kink in a particular body system, the muscles, Skelton or fascia the soft skeleton and as a result blood circulation supplying micro nutrients and chemical messengers, nerve supply, muscle activity and lymph activity is compromised.

Pain is the result.

In some cases the initial messages to the brain are shouting loudly, but when the kink continues and not repaired the brain buries the trauma associated with the pain so we can function. But in doing so the body then has to adapt, it may twist out of shape because there is a strain in one particular area. Parts of the body may feel numb or cold, tiredness and feeling sluggish as the body works hard to keep going, you may adapt the way you walk or sit or stand, stop your exercising and life begins to look very different from what you expected. It may affect your mood and emotions and days become dull and oppressive.

Like a car, we can ignore that little rattle or repair that needs doing and put it off, over time other things start to break, the engine is labouring and performance of the car is not at its best, fuel economy declines and instead of a small repair the bill is high and you even consider changing your car for a new model.

The body is just like your car, it responds to repair itself quickly, but sometimes needs to go to the engineer for precise work or the regular service and MOT to allow the car to run at its optimum performance.

Integrated Myofascial Release is just the same, when a problem is addressed quickly the kink in the hose pipe is smoothed out causing long term health in all the body systems.

But long term pain can also be relieved, small steps as each kink is unravelled and the body and mind starts to flow and become strong again. Have a look at the treatments offered https://www.totalhealth4u.co.uk/home/treatments-offered