Autumn Newsletter October 2022 – The Marvel of Movement


My heartfelt thanks go out to all of you. This year has seen some incredible changes and challenges. Thank you for all your support, for your flexibility. I am truly grateful and honoured that I can support you physically, mentally and emotionally during these times. Thank you. Here is a testimony to encourage you that anything is possible……..

Deb was recommended to me by a friend as I was struggling with a leg injury from running. I was previously having sports massages in the hope this would help, after a few sessions I was still struggling with my running and the pain in my leg wasn’t getting any better and my running was turning into more of a walk. I had a half marathon booked in, my injury in turn put me behind with my training plan and I was considering pulling out of the half.

I booked a consultation with Deb as she was highly recommended, and I really wanted to get another perspective on my injury. After having a good discussion, I booked in for a session and knew this was the right step forward to getting myself back on track.

Deb made me feel at ease when I attended my first session and after working lots on my leg, we established that my right-hand side wasn’t in tune with my left-hand side, my muscles were tight, and I needed to get my mind, body, and soul to work together to enable my body to move all in align.

Four sessions later… the pain in my leg had eased so much, my running was improving, slow and steady, I was in a better frame of mind and back to my training plan for my half marathon! Deb said she would get me ready for this half and that I would run it, I still had doubts but continued with my exercises I was given to do at home and stopped putting so much pressure on myself.

Fast forward a few more weeks…. Bristol half marathon complete with my amazing friends!


Next step….a full marathon! I would never have got through that half marathon without Deb, I am continuing with my sessions as I need to keep on top of my injury to ensure I can keep on training.


The body is seen as a self-regulating dynamic biological organism we are moving away from seeing the body as a machine that never sleeps, eats or moves. Fascia particularly has over 3 billion nerves it perceives our world through dynamic load, movement and pressure on the muscles, ligaments and joints. It also is a chemical and thermo regulator. 

So what does all that mean I hear you ask…the good news is Fascia loves all type of movement, the more variety the better, movement allows the fluid to exchange oxygen and CO2, biochemical such as adrenalin and cortisol, and helps regulate the body’s temperature, blood pressure and chemicals. Another bit of good news you don’t have to run a half marathon!

The temptation during the colder months is to hunker down and not move until Spring this just sets stiffness and sluggishness during the cold months. Here are some movements to put into your day – stretch, reach, climb, crawl, do some bouncing or dancing, sing, hum or use a foam roller on specific parts of your body. All these can be done indoors and will help you feel full of vitality. Drink plenty of water and keep your sugars down, take deep diaphragm breaths, be aware of your thought patterns and remember all the little things add up to make one happy body.


Fascia is incredibly fascinating and only in the past 20 years has it been researched and methods designed to treat fascia. I am currently taking my certificate in MFR Myo Fascia Release so you might notice a few new things to help and support you. Please give me any feedback and testimonies, as this is very helpful to me. Thank you.

 I thought you might like to see what fascia looks like here is a little video If you would like to know more go to

Gift Ideas

Winston Churchill said” We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give”.  As Christmas is approaching and we are thinking about presents Gift vouchers are an amazing way to say thank you for caring and helping during this year so I am offering you a 10% discount for any voucher purchased during November.

I would also like to highlight a really useful Mini Hot water Bottle from Without Borders Studio brilliant for keeping warm but also small enough to use for helping with pain relief.

As we give gifts to our loved ones here please would you consider donating to my chosen charity “Hope for Tomorrow Global’ based in Burundi. Instead of sending Christmas cards I will be donating to this worthy cause. Two areas are Fund a Farmer feed a nation and Giving the Gift of Education. The charity supports hygiene training to help prevent Covid and to establish Foundations for Farming which teaches and sets up families to have a piece of land to farm giving them food both to eat and sell, which in turn enables families to pay for the children to go to school. If you would like to give a donation which I know will be extremely appreciated visit .

I look forward to seeing you soon

Sending you health, peace and joy